Friday, October 8, 2010

something significant had happened on my walk back from my book session at the lagoon. Perhaps it was the breeze & the sun that had inspired it.... i realized that i will truly be missing where i live- the place i call home.
then it dawned on me that if i have 2 months and ten days to figure out exactly what the most sensible move would be for me next....maybe i just need to slow down a bit. it seems im on the move 24/7. just maybe, slowing down and appreciating all this beauty that surrounds me on this little island will bring me to a great decision. theres the pools, the lagoon, the "ghetto beach" across the street... what more could i ask for? the weather has cooled off a bit...

i have been allowing school, moving, where to move to, and money to stress me out. taking over my ability to truly be present in everything i do. theres always something floating in the back of my mind..... i just need to focus on being... and i believe that everything else will just fall into place.... the way the universe intends for things to be.

<3 j

i feel so full of love and happiness right now. its hard to explain. everything will be just fine.