Wednesday, November 10, 2010

where does the switch happen?

at what point in a relationship or friendship...(or pirate ship)... does someone get the power to make you (me) so upset? when do you make a choice to be so emotionally vulnerable with someone... and allow their actions to get to you? im still trying to figure this out.

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  1. Before I answer, we have to set certain… guidelines or establish assumptions about the person that we are talking about. Some people are easily prone to emotional vulnerability due to lack of confidence or lack of attention growing up, or whatever myriad of emotional and psychological issues that run amok in society today. So when the answer I would assume that we are talking about a typically emotionally strong, levelheaded, well-balanced individual that is in touch with themselves, shares a certain connectedness with the universe and has self-esteem and confidence.

    With that said…

    The switch happens when you start to care. When you care about a person, they become a part of you , he set expectations of that person based on your opinion of what people should be like and how they should treat you and others. If this person fails to meet your expectations then you become upset.
    Maybe haven’t figured out because you’re assuming that emotional vulnerability is a choice or that you have the power to choose who it is that you care about. I don’t believe this to be the case. Love is whimsical and unassuming. It does not ask for your permission, it does not ask if it’s the right time or place, it crashes over you and can complete you or it can ruin you depending on the circumstances.

    Do you really think you can make yourself care about somebody? Or on the flip side can make yourself do not care about someone?