Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Loose Change

I am on my sofa (new favorite place to sleep) trying to get to sleep and I'm rhyming in my head while laying here and just decided that my thoughts- had to be turned into a poem.... I hope u all read it right with my dashes -- and periods... different sorts of pauses are meant but perhaps reading it twice will help make more sense of the flow...without having to witness me reading it to you personally. But this took me roughly 5 minutes to write.... so here it is:

The Pointless Pennies....

I'm pretty sure I'm one of many
That he struggles to juggle in a tug of war..
Why tho?
How many women can one man have love & passion for?
It defeats the purpose-
Life's worth this -
Sharing of hearts.....
Fear to be torn apart-
Passion & truth
Love like youth
The puppy love
That real love
That fearless love.....
Now we are binded to ourselves
Afraid to give anyone else-
The power to destroy what's ours.
The heart.
But the pain----
The pain is worth the experience
Love is the only lifelong dance
Sometimes we will- lose coordination --
Move on & dance with a new infactuation...
They say lust precedes love
But who's to say?
I feel that- without lust
There ain't no way,
Bc for me- lustful curiosoty
Leads me closer to love so much more easily,
Than a rendevous with you
Who bores me.
So you see...
Without the one who holds my attention
I forgot to admit without intention
That maybe I get this
So called struggle to juggle in a tug of war..
If I have many,
I know that none are right for me...
And they're simply filling space & time
&I'm bored, you see?
So what's right ?
What's wrong?
That's for you to decide
But be honest, hold true, and swallow your pride....
The only thing you wind up wasting..... is time..
Shining your pennies while someone else pockets your dime....

Not amazing but emptied some thoughts. Now ill sleep....I think?

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  1. This should be interesting...