Tuesday, October 11, 2011

lonely nights

just thinking...

i would never trade my lonely nights that in the past, i fulfilled either with girlfriends and acquaintances (out on the town) or a book/movie (home alone), for the emptiness of having strangers in my bed- or being in a strangers bed. i couldn't. ill fight the loneliness alone, or go out and avoid it for a night...

i feel another blog coming on and im warning that it might be a complete rant. sorry in advance.


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  2. Yo....Best decision ever kidd. I'm proud of you Jess. A warm body can still make a cold bed. Reading the blog above I think you're doing things well. Keep on the high road, never give up on yourself because people may give up on you, sometimes before you've even begun. I shared this song with my girl when we were both a little lost... I hope you like it.


    miss ya chica

  3. Hi Miss J I just happened to read your tweet and it brought me to your blog. In terms of loneliness just rememember that the main purpose of loneliness (when you learn to go deep inside its voice) is to remind that there is something more. There is something more to life and that as you learn to liste to its happiness and not sadness of lost it will bring you the person you will attract out of self-worth and self-love.

    ake an inventory of your value and write them down...I am sure you have a lot of beautiful skills and talents so allow yourself to recognize them to reevaluate and reestimate your true sense of worth.

    Just remember loneliness has many different forms and when you understand its language it becomes your teacher not your master

    I hope this has inspired you to rediscover and rekindle your true divine light.

    With love and peace
    Alain jean-baptiste
    Twitter Alainjb29