Tuesday, April 28, 2009

moving to a new place

July 17, 2008 - Thursday
moving to a new place....

you know it will be exciting, all the new adventures you will have ahead... the new faces you will make friends with, the new places you will get to explore... your life is about to take a big change and youre amped. Everyone informs you of all the hot spots to go to, where to get a good bite to eat.... parks to see, amusement parks, etc...
But nobody ever warns you of how lonely it may be.... especially if your family is nowhere nearby... now you have to adapt your once love-filled life to a new lonlier one...
I never thought this would happen to me. I am so lonely here. i have more than enough friends and acquaintences... but not enough loving/emotional support.
I made the mistake of getting to know someone wayyyy to quickly... now i regret how much i still depend on just that one person for emotional support when expecting something like that is only adding more stress to our relationship (not in a relationship "hes mine and im his" sort of way)... things are different then they were before and i am having an extremely hard time dealing with this because he was one person i trusted and depended on for a lot of things.... which i am now beginning to realize was a mistake.... see, i wonder as to whether i will ever have a good relationship here in flordia as long as my family is so far away? I truly dont think i will acheive that because i will always depend on that one person for so much emotional support and that is not good at all....
my eyes hurt
its late
finish later

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