Tuesday, April 28, 2009

post from my myspace about master cleanse.

my experience with the master cleanse :)
well this is my 3rd try on the master cleanse but my second successful one.... i tried back after thanksgiving to get rid of my sinus infection but my heart wasnt in it so i only lasted 4 days- but my hearing came back for a few days. lol
For those of you that dont know what the master cleanse is, im not going to get into extreme detail bc its extensive but heres a website... http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vdGhlbWFzdGVyY2xlYW5zZS5vcmcv that will somewhat explain whats going on.
most uniformed people will assume youre crazy if you tell them youre doing the cleanse... they say things like "i would die..." and "Ten days without food! that cant be good."
but to be honest with you, if youre strong enough mentally to go thru with it, and youre doing it for the right reasons, you will never feel better in youre life- never cleaner, clear minded, spiritual.... its an amazing experience that makes you realize why we as humans all eat food in the first place... to live... but from time to time we get into routines of eating disgusting overprocessed and unhealthy all together...
as my roomie said today (shes also done the cleanse 2x) "theres no perfect time to do the cleanse, theres always gonna be some party, some dinner... drinks etc" and thats so true. there is no perfect time. but what is ten days out of your life when you have lived somewhere in the area of 8,000 days already! so. last week i decided that after easter i am going to spring clean my life- starting with cleansing. clean from the inside out. focus on myself in the long run. not be so concerned for others, who dont care about things that i care about for themselves, so why am i caring so much? i am compromising myself in the long run... missing out on important me time. Me time is so important, afterall- the relationships we have with ourselves are and should be the most intimate relationship we have with anyone!
after the cleanse i am going to take up wheatgrass shots for the rest of my life and that will begin by buying a wheatgrass extractor.... yay.
today like i said is day 4 for me and the second time around is so easy. i have no severe temptations to quit or to even cheat. today my energy is a little lower than i would prefer... soooo ill prob take another nap and see whats going on when i wake up- went dancing last nite so i prob gotta drink some extra lemonade today so i can make it through work today til 4am....
day 2 for me was a severe headache all day.... but other than that- everythings going soooo smoothly!

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