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October 8, 2007 - Monday
americas going down the shitter Current mood: angry Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes
What job do you choose to ensure that you will have a good, comfortable and "successful" lifestyle?
A lot of people want to choose the easy route- like sports, acting, or drugs… (there are more money makers out there but these 3 came to mind the fastest) There are a gagillion homeless people in america, and some of these people have children who are homeless…. ->I don't get why sports players are so rich and there are so many people in this country who tried harder than sports players ever will to make a living. A football player will never understand struggle like a poor person (they breeze thru schooling and are used to boost a schools rep, but how would these sports players make it in the real world???)… why cant stadiums take money from tickets to donate to help homelessness?????
->I am not saying that its ok to be homeless bc I don't get how so many immigrants/illegal aliens can come into this country and live with several people in a single home and afford it, and still have money to send to families in their homelands.
Codi said that if americans were to live with more than one family in a home, then it would crush the american dream. Well some people need to get over that, work at a gas station if that means you can afford to have a life, do you know how many "now hiring" signs I see everywhere. People say that background checks are tough and that makes it harder to get a job at a gas station or McDonalds…. Times are tough and I think america is going down the shitter….
I know that it will never happen but I think that couples should take classes and tests to be sure that they are ready and capable both financially and emotionally to raise children. People on welfare shouldn't be able to have more children until they can afford it…. Adoption should be easier, especially for families who cannot have children alone. it's a vicious cycle. Every living thing in the world is made to consume, excrete and reproduce more of its kind. So why cant government regulation who can reproduce? You can barely afford to feed yourself, but surrrrre, go ahead, have a kid and fight to feed the poor helpless baby, or better yet- have a kid and put the responsibility on other people to take care of your child. People run from their lives all of the time, sometimes they even run from their families. Men do it to families all the time. Women do it too. The kids are stuck and Americans are busy spending money to other countries whether voluntary or not. We are so concerned with animal abuse and the environment and poverty in other continents… what about healthcare, homelessness, and poverty right here in the U.S.????
Celebrities, sports players, doctors….
As young adults, we need to reach for the stars…. You get stuck in the slums, youre never getting out… you have to go against all odds and I think that we need to be more thoughtful if we are extremely successful… what can someone do with a million dollars a year??? 4 cars? 6 bathrooms in one home? I don't know- I feel good to help others out…
If youre middle class in your future, just be happy youre not poor… youre always gonna want more- and if you got it, youd still want more…. If youre poor or jobless, kick yourself in the ass, face reality and realize that you might have to work that shitty job that nobody else wants….
- I can never finish my thoughts so Ill stop here….

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