Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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September 24, 2007 - Monday
make a change! in your own life :-) Current mood: creative
lol i wind up on euro myspace sites once in a blue-
i then have to remind myself that theres a whole world out there with endless things to do and see. people to meet and places to visit and everything like that- so just a reminder to everyone- whereever it is that you are right now- if you arent happy- there are a million new places you could go and make a change- not that running from problems is the way to do things, im not saying that at all- simply,if youre not happy or youre bored with life- then move to a new place and there is a whole new life waiting for you! i think i could live in spain or england or france, along the beach or in a big city, id be scared, but i think that it could be so fulfilling... the change. the new life to a new jessie...
dont get stuck in a rut... routines are meant to be broken... change is bound to happen whether you volunteer to change or not, your life can change in a flash- and never be the same, so if youre stuck , then do something about it... dont get caught in your moment.....
ya get what im saying????
spontanaety (is that how i spell it?) is fabulous- more people should exercise it more often....

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