Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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In a relationship....

The movie "bella" just started so I jotted some stuff down before I could finish but... Is it wrong for me to want to be romanced? Everything is so sexual nowadays, so ingenuine. I want to meet someone and feel that spark, take things slow. Kiss when the moment is perfect and feel it in my toes. Have that neverending excitement that I experienced before but stronger now because I have such a stronger sense of who I am now. I want someone to be by my side who desires being my best friend, and not just wanting to wake up to my pretty face every day. I want the kind of compliments about my personality before he ever mentions that he likes what he sees on the outside. I want to be attracted to him at the beginning and have his personality attract me so much more that I feel I have never laid my eyes on anyone more beautiful. It seems everyone is so caught up in cheap thrills... So impatient, cheap thrills are not good all around. They will empty your pockets,make you fat, put you in jail, they can even break your heart.... Patience is a virtue, they say, why don't people take these little sayings to heart more often? We all know they're true, but we don't listen... ill finish editing later

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