Wednesday, April 29, 2009

music. an expression of everything.

erykah badu- song- twinkle- fast forward to 4:15. great ending.
i dont have to tell you things arent good. everybody knows things arent good. everybody lknows things arent good. we know the air is unfit to breathe and our food is unfit to eat. young punks are running the streets, noone knows just what to do, and theres no end to it. the dollar buys a pennies-worth. banks are going under. (?) keeping a gun under the counter. we SIT watching our idiot boxes while some local anchorman tells us that today- we have had eighteen murders and eighty violent crimes as if that were the way things were supposed to be. we know times are bad- worse than bad. people are crazy. its like everything everywhere is going utterly mad so we never leave our homes. we sit in our comfy abodes while the world is getting smaller, and we say "come on at least leave us alone in our family rooms. let me have my microwave, and flat screen and my 20 inch wheels and i wont say anything, just leave us alone!" wel;l im not gonna leave you alone, i want you to get ANGRY! i dont want you to ride, i dont want you to protest, i dont want you to write your senator because i dont know what to tell you to tell him. I dont know what to do about the recession and the inflation and crime in the street, all i know is that you have got to get mad. i want you to say "IM A HUMAN BEING DAMNIT!! MY LIFE HAS VALUE!"

shes seems to hit the lyrical nail on the head- every time.

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